Tuesday, May 19, 2009


2 dates 20th August and 10th September
on LEMON QUAY, Truro.
We have booked a licence for the group to trade on Lemon Quay piazza on the above dates. As last year each day will be in the style of a French provincial town ceramics/glass market, this will be a selling direct to the public day, hopefully fun and profitable. We shall be open to the elements.

The requirements for each applicant are:
Provide his/her own table (6ft x 3ft max) and cloth to cover surface, dropping to ground to hide storage boxes and tied to stop flapping in the wind.
Be responsible for his/her own display, sales and packaging.
May provide own protection from the elements (Gazebo or umbrella) if desired (carefully weighted down on pavement, and you are liable for its safe use).
Cars and small vans only on the quay, must be removed and parked elsewhere by 8.30am and not return until 5pm.
You can book for either or both days.
Booking form

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