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Master classes and workshops

Masterclasses and workshops in Cornwall
Experience an inspiring range of professionally taught master classes and workshops in the field of glass art.

Mould making for glass slumping & open casting

10th and 11th July 2007
This workshop will introduce you to basic mould making recipes so that simple, yet versatile moulds can be produced for two differing Kiln-formed glass processes. It depends what type of glass you place into/over a mould and the temperature to which the kiln is fired as to what the end result will be: Sheet glass can either be slumped into or over a mould in the kiln to create a new form and texture. Gentle, controlled heating of the surface of the sheet glass causes it to soften and deform in the kiln. Alternatively, glass cullet (chunks of broken glass) can be placed into a mould and heated until the glass melts to take on a solid shape (open casting). You will have the opportunity to make models out of a variety of materials, and working on a small scale, be able to begin to explore both processes. It would be beneficial if you had some experience of glass cutting in order to take full advantage of the time available.
Cost £199
Book the glass coldworking workshop at the same time and save £44
Both workshops £335

Contemporary Ceramics & Raku Firing

This 4 day workshop will take the novice or complete beginner through the basic stages of hand building with clay. By learning how to use coiling and slabbing methods, you will quickly find the confidence to produce a series of works. The first 3 sessions will include several short lectures aiming to introduce you to all aspects of clay technology; contemporary ceramics and raku firing; an information pack will be available to ensure that you remember everything once you go home.
The final day of the workshop will get you doing your very own raku firings; you will be inducted into the correct health and safety procedures for using a raku kiln and also given specifications for making your own home construction.
This immediate technique for firing clay began in Japan during the 16th Century. Work is rapidly fired then removed from the kiln when still glowing hot, plunged into sawdust and then sometimes water. Raku firing produces exciting and vibrant surface qualities, the raw firing produces a black smoky effect and a range of glazes produce anything from white crackles and turquoises to copper rainbow lustre.
This exciting new opportunity takes place in our state of the art Design Centre at Tremough and will give you the chance to familiarise yourself with the facilities and equipment, and see first hand what we have to offer. This four day workshop promises to be a lot of fun and the perfect opportunity to learn enough about working with clay to get you well on your way to producing work at home.
A basic ceramics toolkit is included in with the price of the workshop and clay will be available for you to purchase to take away afterwards.
Cost £295
For further information please call:
Vicki Brotherhood, Design Centre Bureau Service Co-Ordinator on: 01326 370756 or email:-

Glass coldworking 3 day workshop

Students would need to bring along: permanent maker pen or chinagraph pencil, a container for water eg, a plastic bottle, ppe (plastic apron), mask, craft knife and rubber gloves.
For further information please call:
Vicki Brotherhood, Design Centre Bureau Service Co-Ordinator on: 01326 370756 or email:-

Ceramic shell moulding

Ceramic shell moulding for glass and bronze casting, 13th,14th,15th,16th and 17th August 2007.
5 day workshop with established metal and glass designer Aron McCartney
A completely hands-on workshop demonstrating the process of casting glass using ceramic shell moulds. This mould technique has long been a popular method in metal casting foundries as it can produce superior castings with excellent definition. The process and material use is economic, producing high quality castings with accurate surface detail, achieving superior surface finish than usual investment moulds. The process applied to glass achieves similar qualities while also allowing otherwise difficult shapes and large casting to be realised efficiently.
Participants model their own designs in wax, learn about the application of ceramic shell to wax work, de-wax the mould and load the mould with glass in a kiln for the casting process to begin. Cold process finishing techniques complete the work.
Complete beginners in glass casting as well as practising studio glass artists wishing to learn a new innovative process which can also be applied to hot glass, will find this course equally beneficial and stimulating.
For further information contact Vicki Brotherhood:
or telephone 01326 370756

Pate de Verre

19th, 20th, and 21st September 2007
3 day glass workshop with celebrated glass artist Gayle Matthias
Pate de Verre is a kiln-formed glass technique utilising finely crushed glass frit, sugar-like in consistency, mixed with water and a binding agent, to form a paste which is applied to the surface of a refractory mould. Layers of paste are built up to form a hollow shell. This process offers controlled placement of colour, intricate patterning and detail.
The Pate de Verre workshop is suitable both for beginners and experienced makers.
For further information contact Vicki Brotherhood:
or telephone 01326 370756

Jan Hein van Stiphout Masterclass

24th,25th,26th and 27th September 2007
An intensive four day workshop with internationally renowned glass artist Jan Hein van Stiphout.
Jan Hein van Stiphout is an autonomous glass artist and instructor in glass techniques based in the Netherlands. He is co owner of the Glasveredelingsatelier company and has formed a collaboration ‘De Maatschap International’with two other artists. His work features in many international museum collections.
A variety of technical processes including: tack and full fusing using Artista, Bullseye, System 96 and float compatible glasses will be taught as well as small scale glass casting from organic objects and egg shell pate de verre techniques.
Besides the practical aspects of the course, JanHein will provide the theory behind kiln firing, annealing and glass compatibility. This workshop is suitable for beginners and the more experienced glass maker wishing to broaden their technical skills.
For further information contact Sally Haseman:
or telephone 01326 214399