Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Request from Sally Ould

I am going to build myself a small raku kiln using wire mesh and ceramic fibre. I'm desperately trying to source some second hand equipment if I can find it.
I need the burner (pref. with a stand), hose, regulator, thermocouple and pyrometer. I will also need tongs, gauntlets,leather apron, mask, nichrome wire, ceramic buttons (can make these myself though) and about 10 fire bricks.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chairman’s Report 2016

Five years now in the Chair and I never tire of the series of events we have put on and I am always thrilled to meet and see our visiting artists demonstrate or talk about their craft. I am sure that like me you have learned much and been inspired by our visitors. 

Again our membership has grown in the past year and looking back at the records I see we have almost doubled the number of members in the last ten years. Attendance at events is up especially when we have renowned artists such as Lisa Hammond (honoured with an MBE after visiting us!) and Phil Rogers. And we have not neglected other more specialised interests such as studio visits and practical members’ days. These we will continue so that we can practice what others preach. There is wealth of skill in the CCGG and we hope we can pass this on from member to member. We will continue to attract leading artists and stage attractive craft based social events to meet you varied interests. 

Your committee has worked tirelessly to maintain the standards breadth of interests at the CCGG fitting in with the full lives we all lead. There is great satisfaction to be gained from the increasing membership and the appreciative comments we hear after our events. Some committee members have served the CCGG for many years and will inevitably need to hand on to others before too long so I would ask and urge any members with and interest and some time to put themselves forward to take the CCGG into the future. The three members who joined last year, Sally, Fran and Paul have made an inviable contribution and I thank them. 
It is not an onerous task being a committee member; committee meetings are held every two months at Ladock for about two hours and homemade cakes are served! 

Arranging members’ events is the main responsibility of the committee and in doing so we are very aware that we have a membership with differing interests, commitments to craft and involvement with the CCGG so I would once again like to re-iterate the simple aims of our constitution.
  • To raise the profile of ceramics and glass in Cornwall through events and activities.
  • To promote high standards in ceramics and glass.
  • To create educational and social opportunities for members.

I think we have, to date, managed to find a good balance of events that involve international artist, social practical days and access to artists’ studios but we welcome suggestions and ideas from members so we can meet your needs. Equally if we are not meeting your needs please let us know.  You have an energetic and responsive committee and they will be more than eager to rope you in to help or modify their efforts. Talk to us or email us at ccggwebmail@googlemail.com

Last year’s revival of a Members’ Exhibition at Bodmin, though not a great commercial success, proved to be an excellent opportunity to see other members’ work.  This year we are repeating the experiment but in the western part of the county, at Porthleven. If this proves successful we would hope to repeat the event in 2017. For the Porthleven exhibition we have 18 members exhibiting so I hope you will tell all your friends and bring them to Porthleven during the week of the exhibition.

In the coming year there will again be a full calendar of events where I hope as many members can meet and share their ideas, experience and love of ceramics and glass. Something for everyone I hope.

So we look forward to another successful year when, with your support, we hope to provide entertainment, inspiration and enjoyment with ceramics and glass.

Barry Marshall-Johnson   ---  CCGG Chair 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016

SIMON WARREN at Crofthandy

When the holiday period is over there will be a series of events for CCGG members to take us through to the end of the year.
September 10th – Simon Warren (Kiln, Clay and Mineral Specialist) at Crofthandy. See below
October 8th – CCGG AGM at Ladock with Sue Herdman, Ceramic Review Editor and  Tavs Jorgenson, Glass Artist
October 22nd – 30th – CCGG Members exhibition at PorthLeven.  Details and Booking TBA soon.

Simon Warren is a specialist in Minerals, clay, glazes and Kilns. He has established a business in Cornwall to supply and support ceramicists in the County and beyond.
At Crofthandy Village Hall on September 10th, Simon will give a talk about his services, experience and offerings for CCGG Members. Simon is also keen to answer any questions you may have, so if you have a ceramic or kiln problem or just need advice come along on Saturday 10th.
This half day event starting at 1.30pm will be a very useful and instructional event for all practicing members and will be followed by a Cornish Cream Tea.
Turn up, Pay on the door (£5 to include tea) and bring any questions with you.
Also please let Fran Osborne know if you intend to see Simon, so she can gauge the number of teas required and if you can, bring your own potter's mug.

Fran Osborne email – frances@fraddonpottery.co.uk    Tel: 01726860206

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bespoke candle containers

Tor Riley is looking to find a supplier within Cornwall who would be interested in producing a small but regular volume of high quality bespoke candle containers. They are keen to find someone within the county rather than outsourcing to China etc!
If this is something you might be interested in and would like further details please contact torriley@icloud.com

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Heather Hunt

CCGG Member Heather Hunt is exhibiting in St. Ives from May 28th to June 3rd.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Danka teapot in Spouts and handles exhibition

An Exhibition of Teapots, and other beverage-related paraphernalia

Saturday 30 April – Saturday 13 August 2016
Exhibition launch on Saturday 30 April 12.00 – 3.00
From elegant afternoon tea to comforting brew, the teapot is at the heart of many a British home and this exhibition gives the opportunity to view a wide variety of approaches by different artists and designers.

The ground floor gallery at the Design Study Centre is open Wednesdays  10.00 – 4.00
and alternate Saturdays 11.00 – 3.00 throughout the exhibition from 14 May

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Leach Pottery Visit

One week to go to our Leach Pottery Visit. Don't miss it.

SInce Wales are out of contention for the 6 Nations you won't need to watch the TV in the afternoon and England don't kick off 'till 8 pm. So make a day of it at the Leach Pottery before the Easter crowds arrive.

We will be guided round the new Trevor Crozer exhibition and receive talks from Jeff Oestreich (visiting US Potter) and Sarah Dunstan from the St. Ives Gaolyard Pottery. Check out their work at......

Heather Frary

New work by glass maker member Heather Frary