Friday, June 08, 2007

Ceramic shell moulding

Ceramic shell moulding for glass and bronze casting, 13th,14th,15th,16th and 17th August 2007.
5 day workshop with established metal and glass designer Aron McCartney
A completely hands-on workshop demonstrating the process of casting glass using ceramic shell moulds. This mould technique has long been a popular method in metal casting foundries as it can produce superior castings with excellent definition. The process and material use is economic, producing high quality castings with accurate surface detail, achieving superior surface finish than usual investment moulds. The process applied to glass achieves similar qualities while also allowing otherwise difficult shapes and large casting to be realised efficiently.
Participants model their own designs in wax, learn about the application of ceramic shell to wax work, de-wax the mould and load the mould with glass in a kiln for the casting process to begin. Cold process finishing techniques complete the work.
Complete beginners in glass casting as well as practising studio glass artists wishing to learn a new innovative process which can also be applied to hot glass, will find this course equally beneficial and stimulating.
For further information contact Vicki Brotherhood:
or telephone 01326 370756

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