Friday, October 19, 2018

Sally Giles ... Chairman's Report 2018

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Cornwall Ceramics and Glass Group Annual General Meeting.

Our group was inaugurated in 2004, one of its aims being "To raise the profiles of Ceramics and Glass in Cornwall through events and activities"

Throughout the past 14 years the Committee has worked hard to continue with this objective and looking at the past years programme of workshops, presentations, visits and exhibitions, all well attended by members and their guests, I do feel we are fulfilling our commitment.
Looking ahead to the next year's programme I  think you will agree that we are on track to continue to do so, and with membership numbers steadily rising I feel it is on line to be another interesting and exciting year...(list of events shown on power point).

The second aim is "To promote high standards in Cornish Pottery, Ceramics and Glass". (slide)
Having seen the ceramics and glass on display at our Fowey Exhibition in May, I and many other visitors could see that high standards are being achieved in making, glazing, firing and presentation of finished work, both in ceramics and glass.

On Saturday October 20th our next exhibition of Ceramics and Glass at The Lifeboat Gallery in Porthleven opens. I do hope that members and friends will support our exhibiting members and see for themselves that our second aim is fully augmented. That evening from 5.30 to 8pm will give you a chance to sip some wine whilst you meet the makers. The majority of us enjoy talking about this process, including the odd disaster, and are always happy to advise on technical matters.

The third aim is "To create educational and social opportunities for members". (slide) Here today, we are socialising whilst our caterer is preparing a delicious lunch. At this point I would like to thank Carol Scott for organising this comfortable venue and Danka Napiorkowska for arranging our lunch.

This morning thanks to Max Jacquard's presentation we have learnt about his currant work and inspirations and a number of you have chosen to do a workshop with him tomorrow. This afternoon we are looking forward to seeing Jenny Beavan's presentation.

Not just today, but throughout the year we have had wonderfully informative experts arriving, huge boxes in tow, to tell us about their working practices, and to demonstrate their skills plus we have the bonus of handling some of the beautiful examples of their finished work they have for sale.

The film day, studio visits, raku making and raku and pit firing days are yet examples of educational and social opportunities for members and guests of CCGG. The sun always shines for us (especially on the film day!) and the Committee has always received great,positive feedback from these events.

The Committee 
The Cornwall and Ceramics Group has a dedicated Committee which meets throughout the year to plan events. I do hope that we appear friendly, approachable and supportive of you as fellow members.

As a committee we were sorry that Paul Finlay retired as Chairman and I thank you Paul for all your hard work and enthusiasm and we are delighted that you continue to support our events and joined our sub-committee with Heather, John and Noreen to organise this year's exhibition in Porthleven.

Karen Simpson retired earlier this year after many years on our Committee.  We are sad to see Brenda Albert, Fran Osborne, and Carol Scott step down. On behalf of CCGG I would like to thank them for their generous support not only given to me and everyone on the committee but also to all the members. Between the three of them they have given a total of more than 30 year's service. You will all be missed greatly and I do hope that you will still visit and enjoy our programme of events. (clap).

We are delighted that Cookie Scottorn has agreed to join out committee. She is an experienced potter who joined CCGG in 2017. Some of you visited her Potter's Barn in June housed in Michael Cardew's old home at Wenford Bridge. She exhibits her work there and at art fairs.

During these past four years, I have attended 23 out of  a possible 27 committee meetings and I have thoroughly enjoyed the friendship I have received whilst working with all my colleagues and Cookie I am sure that you will too. We are always happy to welcome new members on to the Committee so please do not hesitate to say if you feel you would like to join and work with us.

Last, but not least I do need to thank those continuing on the committee. Our secretary Heather Swain works quietly and efficiently with excellent assessments of all situations and she sends out the minutes almost before I get home. Noreen Todd taking over as Treasurer from Carol Scott both working hard to accomplish this smoothly and then Noreen , you have had to deal with all involving the privacy laws that came into force in May. Simon Warren our Membership Secretary liaising with Noreen over new member payments and dealing with enrolments throughout the year. Danka Napiorkowska who retired from her position as Membership Secretary last year but who has continued to support each event. Lynn Hare, Ben Barker, John Mee and Barry Marshall Johnson not only help set up each event but also give expert tuition on our making and firing days. Lynn for hosting this event this year at her pottery in North Devon. Barry a special thank you goes to you for continuing to work so hard in your many rolls and particularly for all the invaluable advice and support you have given me when I took over as Chair this August, and thank you Carol for assisting me as Vice Chair.

I would like to record a special thank you to 2 non members. Nina and Rod Ducker who over the years have provided us with an excellent and beautiful setting at Feock for our raku and pit firing day. Sally Tully,  not on our committee, but who has generously given her time to demonstrate raku, do mould making and in 2019 offers us 2 sessions when we can make a raku kiln in a day to take home, for £150.00 all in! Rowan Fawdon, not a member, who stepped in at short notice to hep with our raku day and biscuit fired the pots.

Our Constitution states that "Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Ceramics, Pottery and Glass wherever you come from" and I do hope that you will encourage fellow artists to join us. It is wonderful for the committee that you are always enthusiastic, appreciative and helpful. 

Please join us in November as we have the fantastic Tim Andrews coming to give a presentation and demonstration. His expertise is not only in stoneware. His reputation as a raku potter is worldwide. I know he will give of his time generously...not to be missed.
Thank you.

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