Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Glass Fusing Workshop

A 2 day fusing extravaganza workshop will be held on 10th/11th August. During the 2 days we start with cutting glass, and then kiln-carving with clear glass. We then make a piece of jewellery using dichroic glass, which is fused in a microwave kiln before we engrave it and put it into the main kiln. Then we start on colour. We make one picture or plate using cut glass and one using glass frits and powders, and perhaps paints. You get a light lunch each day and a folder of information to take home with you. We cover the basics of designing for glass, fusing and slumping glass into moulds, with firing schedules and annealing information. You will have a minimum of 4 pieces to collect once they have been fired. People work at different rates and have different requirements so some people spend a lot of time on their pieces and some people whizz through and want to make more pieces. You also get introduced to various cutting, grinding and polishing machines and materials. The cost of our 2 day course is normally £190. We are offering a £10 discount to applicants through CACD.
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