Sunday, April 14, 2013

Glass Group?

Hello to all Glass makers west of Bristol and Exeter.
I think there are not that many of us glass-makers west of Bristol and Exeter, and I would dearly love to belong to a like-minded group that meets on a regular basis to have a friendly chat and do social and practical glassy things.
To this end I am contemplating starting a Glass Group under the joint umberellas of the Contemporary Glass Society and the Cornwall Ceramics and Glass Group. I am proposing that the inaugural meeting will be at 2pm on Sunday 28th April, at my studio at Wheal Betty. I am inviting a few non-members to join us also, and hope that we may be able to discuss a way forward for all of us to meet regularly as a group.
How the group works and what we do with the time we decide to spend together will have to be determined by the group, and I hope all attendees will bring with them a list of ideas and topics for future meetings.
For the initial meeting I am proposing that we meet and introduce ourselves by presenting up to three pieces of our own work, or a slide show of some of our work. We can talk about any aspect of the work for about 5 - 10 mins each, and have a question and answer session and general discussions on topics arising. How detailed this could get would depend to a large extent on how many people attend the meeting.
I will supply refreshments.
If you would like to get involved and attend this meeting please let me know as soon as possible. Even if you cannot attend on 28th April but would like to be involved for the future please let me have your ideas and suggestions for how the group could work and what kind of things we could discuss at these meetings,i.e. how often we might meet and for how long; where we could meet; and things we could discuss/do.
I know for some of you it is simply too far to travel, but I did not want to leave you out of this initial email and cause any offense.
My own ideas centre, at present, around group crits of work; solving work-in-progress problems through pooling of knowledge; exploring exhibition opportunities; experimenting with new techniques; teaching each other new skills; selling work ideas/solutions, etc.
Please email to me any ideas you have to go onto an agenda.
Please do let me know if you will be coming or not so that I have a good idea of numbers.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards
Noreen Todd
Bal Maiden Studio Glass
Wheal Betty
Trevenen Bal
Cornwall, TR13 0PR
Tel: 01 326 574693/ 07808 612074

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