Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kiln Firing Day at Crofthandy

 May 12th 2012
 Following a busy day building a wood burning kiln and paper kiln at Crofthandy the previous week, the Firing Day on 12th May was held under clear blue skies. The result was really excellent, though a few pots blew, but that was a learning curve for the kiln controlling team of Nina, Lynn, John and helpers. We learned a lot about that kiln and once it got to temperature it was so efficient that we managed firing after firing and only fired up the gas Raku kiln at about three o'clock to finish off the day’s pots and to show the kiln in action. The Raku team of Fran and Lynn managed to get many really good results  and all who took part were enthused and excited by the results, going away happy at the end of a long day. The paper kiln firing, inspired by Jane Gibson’s day at Krowji, unfortunately didn't get to the desired temperature, but great interest was shown in the technique which is one to master over time. We will try again before too long. Looked so easy when Jane did it!

Now that the kiln has been built it will remain at Brenda’s place for the foreseeable future so we can plan and organise another members’ day with fire and possibly roast potatoes! A very successful get together and much learned about the mysteries of building and firing. Thanks to all who helped make such a good event; Brenda for hosting and cooking, those that helped build the kilns, the firing team of Lynn, Nina and Fran and John for his knowledge, skill and trailer! See you all again at the next Firing Day.

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