Monday, September 05, 2011

Films for loan

Two weeks  maximum loan period, Member responsible for P&P (approx £1.20)

  1. The Pottery Industry  - Stoke's industrial heritage in pottery.  Early 1900s mostly black and white.
  2. Elemental - Ken Matsuzaki.         Shortish demonstration of KM throwing and the team wood firing his work. 
  3. Pottery of the Ethnic Minorities in Southwest China.  
  4. Tao Yao, Pottery and the Dragon Kiln Village. 


  1. Kiln Formed Glass with Rudy Gritsch.  Very much more interesting than expected, a good describer of his process.
  2.  Chihuly in the Hotshop (a team of 'showman' style potters making unbelievably large blown glass ware) There is a weighty little book that goes with this so postage will be more.

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