Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Egyptian paste workshop

Saturday the 13th and 27th March at Fraddon Pottery
Seven eager students arrived at Fraddon Pottery for a much anticipated and exciting day to make buttons and beads. Barbara Bell began the day with short history and explanation of Egyptian paste and this was followed by instruction from both Fran Osborne and Barbara on the process. With bags of three separate colours ready to mix under their watchful eyes, all experienced fun, laughter and problems. Our masterpieces were left to be fired on stands made by Fran.
We followed this workshop up two weeks later to check our endeavours, all beads and buttons were finished off by reaming and cleaning holes as well as any imperfections.
Then with the excitement of being confronted by many colourful beads which we could purchase from Fran or Jill along with a variety of threads and findings to finish our masterpieces, our designs were modelled and much admired. This was a light hearted and most enjoyable workshop which was much appreciated by the students.
Thank you Barbara and Fran.

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