Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Save Rufford Ceramics Centre

Outcome of Meeting with Notts County Council, 4th January

Thank you for signing the petition to Save Rufford Ceramics Centre! There are now 1,276 signatories.

On 4th January, Carl Gray and Katie Greenfield, as representatives of the Save Rufford Ceramics Centre (RCC) Petition Group, met with NCC to discuss the petitioners’ concerns. We requested:
1. A 3-month stay of execution at The RCC (Rejected by NCC)
2. Clarification on the detail of NCC’s new model (Rejected by NCC)
3. To run an initial 3-month feasibility study for forming a National Ceramics Centre at Rufford, to build on The RCC’s reputation, embrace NCC’s local aims & objectives and open up new sources of funding for the whole community (Rejected by NCC)
It was apparent in the meeting that NCC’s representatives are in denial that they are custodians of a centre of international repute which is respected throughout the world.
We have written an open letter to NCC, urging them to reconsider.
You can read this letter and a detailed summary of what was discussed at the meeting at the Save Rufford Blog:
To up the pressure on NCC, we need to make more people aware of what is happening. Please ask your friends and colleagues to sign the petition:

In our and 1,276 other people's views to date, NCC's approach is fundamentally wrong and NCC, the community it serves and the UK will be poorer for it.
We welcome your feedback and comments via the blog, the petition forum or on email.
Thank you for your support!
Carl Gray and Katie Greenfield

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